Advanced Training SIMATIC S7

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Programmierer, Systemintegratoren
Antriebs- und Steuerungstechnik
  • Basic training SIMATIC S7

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  • The use of SIMATIC S7 in plants is widespread in many industrial sectors and applications. Accordingly, the SIMATIC S7 technology has proven itself well in its variety of possibilities as a programmable logic controller in automation and is used as an industrial controller worldwide. In this training, the participant can go beyond the basics and familiarize himself with the data types, data blocks, alarm messages, error diagnostics and reference data of the controller.
  • The training also offers advanced programming of data blocks such as OBs, FCs, FBs and setting up communication with the I/O module or robot controller. This training enables the participant to control processes via Siemens PLC as a programmer, operator, commissioner, or system integrator, to diagnose errors, to establish communication with the other systems e.g., robots, and to rectify errors.


  • Discussion of the relevant topics and possible uses
  • Short repetition of the basic training SIMATIC S7
  •       • Hardware SIMATIC S7
          • Performance features CPU 315 or CPU 317
          • LED and the interfaces
          • The modules
          • Hardware configuration with SIMATIC S7 Manager
          • Introduction to PROFIBUS communication
          • Commissioning and start-up behaviour
          • Software error diagnosis
          • Hardware fault diagnosis
          • Programming with SIMATIC S7
          • Programming of code blocks
          • Programming of some operations
          • Overview of the data types
          • Data blocks
          • Programming the clock generator and blocks
          • Watching and controlling variables
          • Process control
          • Programming language S7-GRAPH
          • Project work


  • This training is aimed at all those who are employed in automation or who are gaining qualifications in this field. The training is also recommended for robot programmers, operators, commissioning engineers and system integrators.
  • After successful completion of the final test, the participant receives a certificate.

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