Collaborative Operator Training

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  • The participants learn to operate a robot with human-robot collaboration applications in a proper and safety-conscious manner. They acquire basic knowledge of robotics and are able to:
  •       • Switch on and start the system
          • Move the robot with the teach pendant (PHG)
          • Load and save data programs
          • Create simple work programmes independently
          • Correct existing programmes
          • Identify and correct simple errors and faults


  •       • Safety instruction
          • Basics
          • The teach pendant (PHG)
          • Construction of the collaborative robot
          • Password protection (access authorisation)
          • Coordinate systems and zero position of the robot
          • Selecting and checking the tool (TCP)
          • Program structure
          • Movement instructions and tags
          • Insert, modify and delete positions
          • Time and signal control commands
          • Creating simple movement programs
          • Collision detection and overflow / touch sensor
          • Second zero position
          • Torque sensor check
          • Handguiding function
          • Avoidance function
          • Data backup


  • After successful completion of the final test, the participant receives a certificate.

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