Upgrade Training YRC1000

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Programmierer, Systemintegratoren
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  • Basic training and consolidated knowledge in the use of Yaskawa controllers.

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  • Our new YRC1000 control system incorporates a powerful control concept. This control is a further development of the previous controls from Yaskawa. Previously acquired knowledge is supplemented in many facets by new and interesting possibilities. Programming adjustments may also be necessary for conversions of existing robot systems where a new YRC-1000 controller is to replace a previous generation (DX100, DX200, etc.). The cycle times and the path must be adapted to the old programming environment, so that the desired programming of the robot system corresponds to that which was mapped by an old robot system. The new programming possibilities are rounded off with numerous exercises.


  • New functions and uses:
  •       • The keyboard and the assignment of functions.
          • Ext memory
          • Variables menu: Flag
          • [On/Off] menu
          • [Robot] Menu
          • Overlapping spaces
          • User Coordinates
          • 3D Graphics
          • [System Info] Menu
          • [Setup] Menu
          • New Diagnostic Functions in [Maintenance] Menu
          • [Display] Menu
          • Weaving menu
          • New function in [Modify] menu
          • New programming functions
  • Cycle time optimisation for YRC controllers:
  •       • Technical background
          • Improvement of path accuracy
          • High-speed movement
  • Important points about YRC1000 cycle time:
  •       • Robot movement is slow and sluggish.
          • Increased cycle time at corners
          • Increased cycle time due to timers
          • Slow manipulator movement
          • Motion stop at calculated positions
          • Stop reaction at interpolation change Linear to Joint
          • Motion stop on job jumps
          • Motion stop at [Wait] instructions
          • Motion stop due to complex control structures
          • Larger cycle time due to PL tags
          • Robot stop due to overload
  • Avoidance of robot & controller overload:
  •       • Job monitor function
          • Step diagnosis
  • Tips for retrofit robot adjustments:
  •       • Process of retrofit reprogramming


  • This training is aimed in particular at all robot users with experience from our predecessor controllers. It is not suitable as a lateral entry training with experience of robots from our market competitors.
  • After successful completion of the final test, the participant receives a certificate.

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