Basic Training Service NX-Generation

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Servicetechniker & Instandhalter
Wartung & Instandhaltung
  • No prior knowledge required.

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Preis: 1.500,00 €


  • You do not need any previous knowledge for this training. You will be taught what axes the robot has, how to move it (coordinate systems), how to create simple programs. We will also explain collision detection, data backup and how to switch output signals manually.
  • This training consists of two parts, the operator part, and the maintenance part. In the maintenance part, we explain how you can generally lubricate a robot correctly, change batteries and carry out maintenance using the maintenance plan. After this training, you should be able to operate a robot, create or correct (re-teach) simple programs and carry out maintenance according to the maintenance plan.


  • The following topics will be covered:
  •       • The teaching pendant (PHG) is explained
          • Robot axis groups
          • Coordinate systems
          • Create simple programs
          • Collision detection
          • Data backup
          • Switch output signals manually
          • Restore absolute data
          • Robot operating times
          • Visual control of the robot
          • Lubrication of gears Theoretical and practical
          • Battery change
          • Maintenance Schedule


  • This training is aimed at operators, programmers and maintenance and repair personnel as well as system integrators.
  • After the training the participant receives a certificate.

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