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  • The use of Yaskawa industrial robots is well advanced in all industries and applications. Accordingly, the technology has developed in its variety of possibilities and variants. With the use of Yaskawa robots in manufacturing or process automation, the requirements for the advanced programming and setting of the controllers become greater depending on the application beyond operation. Advanced Programming 1 provides opportunities to set and program robots more efficiently. Here, in addition to better use of the standard commands, the participant learns the advanced commands for solving the more complex tasks.
  • Detailed descriptions of the functions, settings, commands, and practical exercises enable the participants to program in a more structured and project-oriented way.


  • Short repetition of the relevant topics:
  •       • Meaning and use of all settings and menus.
          • Job monitoring
          • Options of the movement instructions
          • Use of UNTIL, NWAIT, ENWAIT, CWAIT, etc.
          • Advanced tool measurement, or calculation
          • Set up and program collision detection
          • Calculate positions with position variables
          • Compute user coordinates
          • Calculate positions with defined local position variables
          • Apply the extended command set such as IF-THEN-ELSE, SWITCH- CASE-DEFAULT, WHILE, FOR-TO etc.
          • Define and apply dialog function
          • Define and apply CALL JET function
          • Define and apply interrupt job
          • Program project example


  • This training is aimed at all robot users with experience from our predecessor controllers.
  • After successful completion of the final test, the participant will receive a certificate.

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