Training Conveyor with Shift Function

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Systemintegratoren, Programmierer
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  • Basic training and consolidated knowledge in the use of Yaskawa controls.

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  • With the conveyor belt synchronisation function, work can be carried out on a running conveyor belt with a robot synchronised to a belt. The desired sequences of robot movements are programmed at static conveyor positions and can then be carried out at any belt speed and any robot start positions within the system environment.
  • The [Start Shift] function is a powerful extension and is required when a light barrier is not installed near the conveyor start position for technical reasons.
  • The [Start Shift] function is further subdivided into sub-functions such as [Queue] for multiple parts, [Part ID] for multiple different parts using multiple contour query parameters, and [Part IN-NOT] for the reject strategy when a part is not detected to prevent processing.
  • In numerous applications, robots are integrated in this way into conveyor systems such as chain drives, belt systems and other material transport systems.
  • Numerous exercises are used to illustrate the programming possibilities.


  • Conveyor synchronous function
  • Hardware requirement
  • Setup
  •       • Conveyor belt condition
          • Explanation of setting options
  • Determining the position resolution
  • Determination of encoder rotation direction
  • Conveyor belt monitoring
  •       • Status FB tracking
          • Conveyor belt position
          • Conveyor speed
  • Creating a Standard Conveyor Job
  •       • Manual Conveyor
          • Sample job simple conveyor
  • Overlimit [OL]
  • Conveyor Shift Function
  •       • Conveyor Additional Condition: [Start Shift]
          • Setting up the Start Shift function
          • [CVQUE] in the additional conditions
  • [Part ID Shift] function
  •       • Conveyor additional condition: [Part ID Shift]
          • Setting up the Part ID function
  • [Part IN/NOT Shift] function
  •       • Conveyor Belt Additional Condition: Part IN/NOT
          • Setting up the Part IN/NOT function
  • Start Shift, Part ID and Part IN/NOT starting with firmware DN 1.60
  •       • Creating a job with [GETCVSFT] instruction
          • Notes on the use of [SYMOVJ] instruction
  • Alarms and notes
  • Tips for professional programming


  • This training is aimed at all robot users with experience of our control systems. It is not suitable for lateral entry training with experience of robots from our market competitors. Please contact us if you have no experience with Yaskawa controllers. We will be pleased to advise you.
  • After successful completion of the final test, the participant will receive a certificate.

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