Training Internal PLC and Fieldbus Systems

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  • Basic training and consolidated knowledge in the use of Yaskawa controllers.

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  • The Yaskawa robot controller can be used as a standalone device, with no relation to any other devices. However, in most cases it will be a part of a bigger system. To integrate a robot into such a system will require some form of communication between the controller and any other elements of the system, including a PLC. This type of communication cannot be achieved without including the internal PLC of the robot controller. In some rare cases the internal PLC is used to set up the robot controller as the master of a network, replacing a conventional PLC. This class focuses on the structure and operation of the internal PLC to adjust it to its application specific needs.


  •       • Signal structure of the controller
          • Structure of the internal PLC
          • Internal PLC operation
          • Programming examples
          • Setting up a serial communication
          • Setting up a I/F-Panel
          • Answering customer specific questions


  • This training build on top of the knowledge that is gathered in the basic robot training which is a prerequisite for this class.
  • After concluding the class, a certificate will be awarded.

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