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Systemintegratoren, Programmierer
  • Path-related basic training and consolidated knowledge from welding technology.

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  • Handling and programming of the robot with the additional function COMARC.
  •       • Calibrating the COMARC sensor on the system
          • Getting to know the new Inform commands for the COMARC function
          • Use of the COMARC function in written welding programs.
          • Independent programming of welding programs with integration of the COMARC function on the robot


  •       • Description of the function
          • Connection diagnostics
          • Basic knowledge of the arc sensor function (COMARC)
          • Functionality of the path correction
          • Creation of a user frame
          • Explanation of the parallel shift function
          • Execution of the phase-compensation measurement and explanation of its meaning
          • Explanation of the current measurement
          • Creation of the respective jobs for phase-compensation measurement and current measurement on the robot
          • Setting of the correction conditions in the COMARC command
          • Read out the recorded arc correction values
          • Getting to know the COMARC condition file


  • The COMARC function is usually used with other functions in automated welding technology. At Yaskawa these are the search function and the welding of multiple layers. Of course, the COMARC function can also be used completely separately.
  • This training build on top of the knowledge that is gathered in the basic robot training which is a prerequisite for this class.
  • After concluding the class, a certificate will be awarded.

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