Training Multirobot

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Systemintegratoren, Programmierer, Bediener
Schweißen, Handling
  • Point or path related basic training and sound knowledge with Yaskawa controls.

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  • The learning objective of the Multirobot training is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to move multiple robots in parallel and perform coordinated tasks, including external axes. This may include programming robots to perform shared tasks, coordinating motions, or communicating between robots. The goal is to provide participants with the understanding and practical skills to improve the collaboration and efficiency of robotic systems with two or more robots, with or without external axes.


  • The following topics are covered in this training:
  •       • Meaning of multitasking
          • Differences between multirobot systems
          • Tool creation
          • TCP calibration
          • Mass center measurement
          • Group combination
          • Axis group calibration
          • Parallel start of programs
          • Time synchronization TSYNC
          • Function of job monitoring
          • Mirroring of programs
          • The Replace Data Attachment tool
          • The Parallel Shift JOB tool


  • After the training the participant receives a certificate.

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