Operator Training Spot Welding

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  • Basic training, welding knowledge

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  • The participants learn to operate a robot with spot welding gun properly and with safety in mind. They acquire basic knowledge for spot welding and are able to move the spot welding gun and make stroke changes. Furthermore, the knowledge for performing dry welds and setting manual spot welds is imparted. The aim is to understand the process flow and to be able to apply different teaching methods as well as to master the most common spot welding instructions.


  • The training includes the following topics:
  •       • Signal flow and operation of the spot welding gun
          • Assembly of the electrode caps
          • Meaning of the spot welding files
          • Motion control and function keys
          • Dry welding and manual welding
          • Spot welding instructions SVSPOT and SVSPOTMOV
          • Teaching methods
          • Welding process sequence


  • The spot welding user training applies to type X and type C spot welding guns. It is aimed in particular at all robot users with previous knowledge of welding.
  • After the training the participant receives a certificate.

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