Mechatronic maintenance robot 6-30 kg DX generation

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Servicetechniker & Instandhalter
Wartung & Instandhaltung
  • Basic service or basic training (lane or point related) and Maintenance Training.

2.5  Tage
Preis: 2.250,00 €


  • In this training you will learn how to recalibrate the robot after a mechanical or electrical change to the robot using a “spike”, the "zeroing sensor" and software ("MotoCalV"). Furthermore, in this training, the replacement of motors, gearboxes, batteries, and wiring harnesses is carried out in practice. The "alarm history" of the robot is discussed, as well as the "alarm list" and "alarm codes". The control cabinet with its components and how to change the internal storage battery is also shown. Creating a complete "backup" or data backup of the robot is mandatory in this training.


  • Topics covered in this training:
  •       • Tool measurement
          • Create test job (spike to spike)
          • Create check position (job).
          • Robot calibration (absolute data)
          • Calibration using the zeroing sensor
          • Calibration using software (MotoCalV)
          • Change of motors
          • Speed reducer change
          • Changing batteries
          • Changing the wiring harness
          • Alarm history, alarm list, alarm codes
          • Control cabinet and its components
          • Change internal battery
          • Backup (cmos.bin)


  • This training is aimed at maintenance and repair personnel as well as system integrators. A previous basic service or basic training (path or point-related) and the maintenance training is a prerequisite for this training.
  • After the training the participant receives a certificate.

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