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Programmierer, Systemintegratoren, Servicetechniker & Instandhalter
Sicherheit, Kollaborativ
  • Basic training and consolidated knowledge in the use of Yaskawa controllers and FSU-Training.

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  • The collaborative robot in the safety architecture of a plant is a challenge for many integrators. In order to better understand the safety-related interrelationships, the course builds on this knowledge. System integrators, but also all those who have to deal with conversions, adaptations and retrofits in larger systems, will receive a comprehensive overview with this training.
  • The participants learn about the mode of operation, the performance but also the limits of a safely monitored collaborative human-robot system. Building on the basics of safety technology, various aspects of the possible applications of the functional safety unit, force and torque sensors and machine safety are highlighted. From planning to validation of the safety functions, the participants acquire a comprehensive knowledge of this complex field of work in robot integration.


  • Basic principles:
  •       • Guidelines, standards and further literature
          • Collaboration - Terms Definitions
          • Procedures of collaborative operation
          • Specification of HC robot systems
          • FSU functions in conjunction with the HC robot
          • Regular inspection
          • Checking the status of the torque sensor
          • Preparation (determination of reconfiguration position)
          • Reconfiguring the initial position
          • Automatically checking the status of the torque sensor with robot JOB
          • Brake slip check function
          • Manual brake slip check function
          • Force-torque function
  • Overview of the force-dependent functions:
  •       • Power and torque limit (PFL).
          • Avoidance Function
          • Manual guidance function
  • Settings for collaborative operation:
  •       • Change of external force limit value.
          • Setting the speed limit
          • Activating or deactivating collaborative operation
          • General value settings and D variables
          • Detailed settings of the follow-up function
          • Detailed setting of the manual guidance function
          • Register


  • This course is also mandatory with proof of successful basic training for CE machine safety (CE Coordinator - TÜV, ZMSE - PILZ or comparable seminars). In addition to the technical specification of ISO TS15066, the course deals with practical exercises and explanation of the setting menus.
  • After successful completion of the final test, the participant receives a certificate.

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